Grace on Wings

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Grace on Wings Air Ambulance Service

Why Is There A Need?

In today’s highly mobile society, tragedy often strikes hundreds of miles from home where family and loving support is not available.  Long-distance patient transfers for essential treatment is an increasing necessity as hospitals are more specialized.  Our elderly family members often find themselves in failing health and in need of family to help but are too far away to receive it.

Who Qualifies?

The cost of a commercial air ambulance service is an expense that most insurance polices do not cover, and many families are not able to pay for commercial service.  Our charity air ambulance service is available for those who are:

• Too ill for commercial flight.

• Too ill for long distance ground transportation.

• Unable to afford transportation to access critical medical care.

• To be eligible, the patient must have a condition requiring medically-supervised transport for a distance of at least 150 miles.