Hope in the Harvest

First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Frankfort supports Hope in the Harvest Ministries



The purpose of Hope in the Harvest Missions is to seek to cultivate Christ’s hope in underdeveloped and impoverished areas of the world through agricultural and personal transformation. Building on borrowed talent, we seek to impact attitudes and practices that will promote the economic and social well-being of individuals, from a conviction that a changed life results from a Christ-changed heart.

Why Liberia?

From 1980 to 2006 Liberia suffered through a series of civil wars that unnoticed by the rest of the world.  Starting with the assassination of President Tolbert and the public execution of 13 cabinet members by Samuel Doe the horror continued as Charles Taylor’s rebels claimed power and took over in 1990.  Over 300,000 people died during this time wiping out entire generations of knowledge in expertise in what once was a thriving economy.  Agriculture knowledge and skills vanished leaving the bush to encroach on what was productive farm ground. Today Liberia imports over 90% of its food, although Africa is one of the most arable soils in the world.  70% of the Liberians are farmers and 51% live in urban areas. The population of Liberia is about 3.3 million people (half the size of Indiana’s population occupying a state about the size of Ohio)

The CIA World Fact book states that there are 226 countries in the world and Liberia is the 225 poorest country, with the majority of the population living on less than $1 a day.

There is no running water and very limited electricity only 2,000 facilities in all of Liberia have electric power.

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