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Please read carefully if you plan to worship in-person at FEPC in the coming weeks.

Dear FEPC family,

It has been quite the interesting Spring, to say the least.  Know that we have been praying for you during this quarantine, and especially now, as we and the country, start to take steps to reopen. 

The purpose of this email is to communicate steps towards reopening.  We wanted to make you aware of the tentative plan, knowing well that it might change at any time due to any number of situations.  We greatly appreciate your patience as we move forward. 

The Plan

Taking into consideration the Governor’s ‘Back on Track Indiana’ guidelines, we are planning on opening the doors for worship here on May 24, 2020, with certain guidelines detailed below.  

For the next four Sundays (5/24, 5/31, 6/7, 6/14) we will be implementing a protocol for worship attendance where the designated group, at their discretion, will attend, and the others will continue to worship at home via livestream: 

  • On 5/24, attendees with a last name starting with the letters ‘A-L’ are invited to attend.
  • On 5/31, attendees with a last name starting with the letters ‘M-Z’ are invited to attend.
  • On 6/7… ‘A-L’  
  • On 6/14… ‘M-Z’

Some of the Details

Because of the virus, there have been major changes in how groups and individuals interact.  We don’t see that changing anytime soon.  We don’t have all the answers.  But we will work together to move forward. 

Here are some details as to what our Sunday mornings will look like:

  • We would ask that you adhere to the CDC guidelines and ‘Back on Track Indiana’ recommendations as we gather. 
  • If you or a member in your household is feeling ill, please consider staying home. 
  • Those in the ‘high risk’ category should continue to consider utilizing our livestream service as opposed to attending in person.
  • We will have masks and hand sanitizer for those that need them.
  • The worship services will be 45 minutes in length. 
  • Be aware of conversations with others before and after the service. 
    • Many will be wary of close person-to-person interaction.  I would encourage you to be mindful of that.  Keep your conversations short and sweet in the building.  (Outside, you can chat away… regarding social distancing guidelines, of course.)
  • The nursery will not be open. 
    • We understand that this will cause difficulties for some families.  For families with young kiddos, we would recommend still taking advantage of our livestream. 
  • The two bathrooms at the South end of Fellowship Hall will be open. 
  • There will be no Sunday School classes over the summer. 
  • Seats in the sanctuary are taped off according to the above mentioned guidelines. 
  • For these next four weeks, the only open entrance to the church will be through the South side of the church (via Clinton St.); meaning the two entrances in the back of the sanctuary (as well as the wheelchair ramp).
  • At this time, we are not opening Fellowship Hall (FH) for worship unless our group size and spacing require it.        
    • If you need access to FH, please contact someone here at the church.
  • Certain areas of the church building will have restricted access. 
    • Though some of the office renovations are close to being complete, we unfortunately can’t allow open access yet.  Remember, whatever areas folks enter… we have to clean… thoroughly.  
    • The Sanctuary and bathrooms mentioned will be open.  All other areas will be off limits for the time being.
  • Offering plates will be located at the back of the sanctuary.  (They will not be passed.)

If we can answer any questions for you, please feel free to contact us.  Know that you are in our prayers.  We know for many this hasn’t been easy.  Hang in there.  Please, continue to keep us in your prayers as well.  Pray that the Lord would grant wisdom and discernment as we work towards opening our worship services in a safe and Christ honoring way. 


Pastor Kelly and the FEPC Leadership