On this page we present devotionals for special seasons of the Christian year or for extended times of reflection, study and prayer in the life of our congregation.   Recent series are archived here for those who wish to revisit them.

Lenten Devotionals 2017

This Lenten season, our devotionals are from the Redeemer Presbyterian Church.  You can find the series here, otherwise stay tuned for the daily link.

March 1: Day one: The Dust

March 2: The Bow

March 3: The Darkness

March 4: The Test

March 5: The Lion

March 6: The Passover

March 7: The Prayer

March 8: The Priest

March 9: The House

March 10: The King

March 11: The Son

March 12: The Stone

March 13: The Scorn

March 14: The Appeal

March 15: The Forsaken

March 16: The Champion

March 17: The Name

March 18: The Chosen Servant

March 19: The Servant Israel

March 20: The Sinless Servant

March 21: The Suffering Servant

March 22: The Waters

March 23: The Spirit

March 24: The Branch

March 25: The Good Shepherd

March 26: The Treasure of the Nations

March 27: The Coming King

March 28: The Mourning

March 29: The Lamb

March 30: The Fast

March 31: The Leper

April 1: The Adulteress

April 2: The Call

April 3: The Prediction

April 4: The Anointing

April 5: The Cleansing

April 6: The Plot

April 7: The Washing

April 8: The Cross

April 9: The Grave

Here are some links to online daily devotional resources that you and your family might find helpful for time together or alone before God.

Our church also provides printed daily devotional booklets for those who prefer to use printed resources.  Contact the church office for information or to request a copy.