Kwetu Faraja

FEPC, Frankfort supports the Kwetu Faraja school in Tanzania.

Update from Lorien Knapp Sayayu, March 2017

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We pray that you are well and enjoying the hope of Spring soon. East Africa has been suffering with a terrible drought, and thoughts of famine are on everyone’s mind. We are thankful that we live on the lake and we can irrigate some of our fields.  As we planted our fields last month, we told the boys to plant each seed with a prayer – planting by faith that God will grow our fields and that the needs of each seed will be tended to. We ask for your prayers that we would have sufficient rain so that our harvest will be successful!

All of the boys are doing well, and enjoying the new school year. We started a new program last month for the boys to learn Bible memory verses. They have been given 29 verses to memorize in both Swahili and English. We have been delightfully surprised at how they have embraced this task. Every day as you walk around the campus you can find groups of children practicing their verses – while weeding the garden, while washing clothes, while playing in the sand… verses are constantly spouting from their mouths. Even those who don’t know how to read yet are being helped and coached by their big brothers. It is really uplifting because we know that the word of God does not return void. Our prayer is that in times of trouble or confusion these verses will return to their minds and give them comfort. We see many ways that the Spirit is taking root in our kids. A few weeks ago, both Paul and I were sick with Malaria so we decided to cancel Church – but an hour later we had a joyful surprise to hear singing floating across the campus. The boys had decided to hold their own church service! It warmed our hearts beyond measure to see them stepping up to the plate and honoring God in this beautiful way.

This past month we finished our new chicken coop and it looks great! The chickens are so happy now that they don’t need to fear predators. We are looking forward to seeing how this new project will take shape. We have also been busy with various projects to beautify the campus – planting flowers and grasses. It is much different landscaping in Africa where there is no Lowes garden center. You must scout the land to find flowers you like – then harvest the seeds and plant, and wait for them to take root. It is a good lesson in patience! But doing these tasks as a family is a wonderful bonding experience.

We are so thankful for all of you who donated to our scholarship fund and our tractor campaign. We are fully funded! We will be looking for our new tractor this week! What a difference it is going to make in our work.

It is always a joy to share our news with you. Thank you again for laboring with us as our partners in building the Kingdom of Christ here at Kwetu Faraja.

In Christ,


We are a family and a community brought together by diverse and challenging circumstances. Kwetu Faraja is an organization governed by Board of Directors in USA and in Tanzania, directed by staff on the ground at our campus, and providing daily care for our children. The boys in our home come from the most desperate of circumstances; orphaned, abandoned, isolated on the fringes of society. At Kwetu Faraja, they find a home and leaders who love them as family.