Help Create Devotions

In Psalm 27:1, David reminds us that the Lord is our light, our salvation, and the stronghold of our lives. He then goes on to ask the question, “Whom shall I fear?” The assumed response being, “No one,” because these previous statements about the Lord are true. The prayer of the leadership here at FEPC is that you, like David, would find your strength, courage, patience, and hope in the One True God during this time (and always!).

We are in a unique situation never before experienced by any of our current generations. It is in the rarest of seasons where God desires to teach and grow us the most.

In the past, we have had a congregation-created Advent devotional…and we would like to try that again this year. This new devotional would be based on what God is teaching each of us during this time. Advent is a time of waiting. Of preparing. How much waiting and preparing have we been doing lately? Consider how long the Jews waited from the time of the prophets to the arrival of the Messiah.

This devotional would contain your individual thoughts and reflections in regard to what God has been teaching you during this time of waiting, how God has been calling you to grow in this unique season, or in what ways God has been nurturing a longing in you for His Church and Christ’s return. Perhaps visit some of the prophetic Scriptures about the Messiah’s coming or the passages leading up to Jesus’ birth and consider what significance they have in our current circumstances.

To help shape these devotions, please utilize the following format:

  1. A short passage of Scripture for us to read
  2. Your thoughts/reflections based off of the passage and what God has been teaching you (during this time) about waiting/His character/our holiness/etc.
  3. A short prayer to close

    Each congregational devotional entry will be one day’s reading during our 2020 Advent season. We would like to have all entries back in the office by the end of the month of May.

Even though we are “isolated” during this time, we are the Body of Christ. We believe as we share with each other in these short writings about our struggles and breakthroughs, our fears and our joys, in how God has revealed himself to us during this time, that we will be blessed.

Remember, God is our light and our salvation, and the stronghold of our lives.

Come, Lord Jesus